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Dirtbag VST Instrument 1.86

Changes in 1.86

  • Leakage knob added. Noise generated by tonewheels: signals in the hammonds generated by magnetic induction. each magnet/coil "listens" to the tonewheel next to it.
  • Some minor changes

Maybe the final version?

Dirt-E VST FX 1.86
Dirtbag VST Instrument 1.82
  • Motor On/Off mapped to cc12.
  • Motor acceleration mapped to cc13.

Patch 128 is "Effect mode." You'll find a VSTi switch. If its on it acts as DirtBag VSTi. If its off it acts as an effect. Knobs that work in effect mode have a (*) after their name. Effect mode is experimental. As I mentioned, it works in Chainer but doesn't in Orion. Don't know why.

Dirt-E VST FX 1.85

Changes in 1.85
  • Clear graphic representation.
  • DLL renamed to Dirt-E.dll.
  • Bonus blank VSTi, SideChain, which mirrors MIDI to VST effects in Orion through sidechains.

NEW! (1.83)

Dirtbag has spawned an effect unit named Dirt-E, stripped of all things not needed! Now you can dirty up anything you like... so to speak.

There is a small synth built into the effect, so it can make its own sound in Chainer (which recognises midi note messages even in effect mode.) The incoming audio can be layered with the built in synth. It can't be done in Orion, since Orion Platinum doesn't recognise midi notes in effect mode. I tried with sidechains in Orion and that worked, but doesn't seem to be too stable. In Chainer, the combined (layered) synth+effect is rock solid.